Crowdfund 2021 FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions Relating To The Crowdfund

Our 2021 Chapel Down Crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs has now closed.  Thank you to all those who have invested, we have been overwhelmed by the support that we have received.  We will be in touch directly with new shareholders shortly to advise on your benefits package. 

If you are an existing Chapel Down shareholder who has recently purchased additional shares through our 2021 Chapel Down Crowdfunding campaign, please email with details of your existing shareholding (including your Chapel Down privilege number, if known).  This will enable us to update your existing shareholder account on our internal systems.


Will I receive a share certificate following my investment?

Shareholders will receive a beneficial share certificate for their investment, these have now been issued by Seedrs and shareholders should have been notified by email.   Your share certificate should also be located within your Profile section of your Seedrs online account. 

If you haven’t received your certificate or have any issues relating to this, please contact

When can I start claiming shareholder benefits as a new Chapel Down shareholder?

Now that the crowdfund has closed and Seedrs have issued share certificates to shareholders, as of the w/c 26th July we received the details of those who have invested.  As there are in excess of 4,100 shareholders, it will take us a week or two before we will be able to issue everyone with their shareholder benefits so please do bear with us.  We are working on this as quickly as possible and will be in touch shortly.  

Do I need to provide proof of my shareholding with you, or complete any additional paperwork, before I can receive my shareholder benefits?

No, Seedrs will be supplying us with the details of shareholders so there is no need for you to supply proof of your Seedrs certification with us.  Nor will you be required to complete any additional paperwork at this stage.

If you have purchased shares outside of Seedrs, then in order to receive your shareholder benefits we will require proof of shareholding. 

I have recently invested in the Seedrs crowdfund but also have existing shares in Chapel Down, can I combine my shareholdings to be eligible for a higher level of shareholder benefits? 

Yes, if you already have existing shares in Chapel Down and have recently invested in this 2021 Seedrs crowdfund, please get in touch with us at to notify us of your existing shareholding (and privilege number, if known).  We can then marry the two shareholdings together and place you in the correct shareholder group.  These must all be purchased under the same named person. We may then ask for annual proof that you still hold both sets of shares.

Why is the free guided tour benefit not available until 2022?

Due to the Covid19 pandemic the company was unable to offer guided tours and experiences at the Winery for the majority of 2020. We are therefore experiencing an extremely high number of bookings from customers who have existing tour vouchers to be redeemed. This benefit will therefore start in 2022 for new shareholders who subscribe for sufficient shares, the company will confirm final details once the fundraise is complete.

Are shareholder benefits only available at the Winery?

Shareholder benefits can be redeemed at the Chapel Down Winery and online at

Can I use my shareholder discounts to make a purchase at a partner retailer, venue or supermarket?

Shareholder benefits are only available via and when visiting our Winery in Tenterden. However, on occasions we do collaborate with other organisations on exclusive offers for our shareholders and these will be communicated by email on an ad-hoc basis.

Can I claim EIS tax relief on my investment in this crowdfund?


Once I have invested in the crowdfund are my shares tradable?

Yes. Chapel Down Group plc shares are traded on Aquis.

Your investment in the company will be held under Seedrs' nominee structure and are tradable on Aquis via our broker, IG. If you would like to sell your shares please contact however please note that broker fees may apply when selling your shares.

Can I amalgamate the shares I hold in Seedrs with shares I hold elsewhere such as a Hargreaves Lansdown account?

Yes you can, but only under certain conditions. Existing shareholders will be given a 30 day window to transfer shares from Seedrs to an alternative broker after the campaign has closed and shares have been issued. Seedrs will contact shareholders with more details about how to do this and there will be an admin fee of £25 to facilitate the transfer. See page 45, section of the Share Offer Document for more details.

Will I receive an annual dividend?

Not initially, although investors will benefit from the 33% wine discount. For someone who drinks – say – 20 bottles of Brut NV per annum, that’s a current saving of £178.00. And where investors hold 2,000 or more shares, a free wine tour for two is currently worth £50.00 - that’s £228.00 savings per annum. An investment for 2,000 shares costing £1920.00 can therefore get you some very useful returns through our discounts!


I’m an existing shareholder who has also invested via Seedrs in this crowdfund, can I combine my shareholdings to be eligible for a higher level of shareholder benefits?

Yes, you can but we need you to tell us that you have done so and provide proof of your investment outside of the crowdfund so that we can marry the two shareholdings together and place you in the correct shareholder group.

We may then ask for annual proof that you still hold both sets of shares.

Will my existing shareholding be diluted following the crowdfund?

Yes. If we issue new shares to raise funds for the company and you do not invest, your ownership of the business will be diluted. If the crowdfund reaches its maximum raise and you don’t invest at all, you may be diluted by approximately 8%. 

Are current shareholder benefits changing?

There is only 1 change to existing shareholder benefits. From June 2021 we will no longer be issuing an annual guided tour voucher to shareholders with between 500 and 1999 shares (Silver shareholders).  In 2021 existing silver shareholders who have invested prior to 1st June 2021 will receive a one-off gift as a replacement for this benefit, if this applies to you then we will have contacted you by email with further details.

We do not yet know whether Chapel Down shareholders will receive any short term or longer term benefits from the new owners of Curious Brewery.

I already hold more than 10,000 shares in Chapel Down, am I entitled to the One-Off sparkling wine gift and virtual tasting as outlined in the Share Offer Document?

These two new one-off benefits are only available to new investors via the crowdfund who invest in 10,000 shares or more during this fundraise. However existing shareholders with 10,000 or more shares will become ‘Platinum Shareholders’ ongoing.

Can I still invest in Chapel Down, even though the Seedrs crowdfund has closed?

As a listed company, Chapel Down Group plc shares are traded on an ongoing basis on the Aquis Growth Market (“Aquis”) which is operated by the Aquis Stock Exchange. You can invest via Aquis at any point.

Can you tell me more about the new credit facility you have set up and what this means for the business?

This is a rolling credit and term loan facility secured against the assets of the Chapel Down Group including our wine stock. Historically, borrowing against stock in this way is the most common route to finance Champagne and Whisky businesses, but until very recently, it was not available to English wines.  It means we have the ability to borrow up to £15m against our assets including wine stocks to use to grow the business. It's great news.

How will you spend the money raised from the crowdfund.

Please view the Share Offer Document and Seedrs website which will give you more information on the crowdfunding campaign.

Can I purchase shares in joint names?

No, the investment must be made by one named individual only.

Can I purchase shares in a company name?

No, the investment must be made by one named individual only.

What is the Chapel Down Advisory Group and how can I get involved?

We are looking for six wine lovers, from a diversity of backgrounds, to share their views on all matters relating to wine, as part of our new Advisory Group. The Advisory Group will meet with the Chapel Down senior management team in London on a quarterly basis, and over glasses of wine discuss what and how Chapel Down and the industry can do better. In return, we'll reward participants with a small honorarium, free wine and cover any travel expenses.

If you’d like to be considered, tell us why by registering your interest on our main crowdfunding page and we will get back to you! 

What will happen to my personal details when I invest?

Please visit the Seedrs website for details of their privacy policy. Once the crowdfund has concluded Seedrs will securely pass on investors’ details to Chapel Down Group plc in order that shareholder benefits can be processed depending on the level of investment. Please see the Chapel Down privacy policy.

I have another question, who should I contact?

If your question is about your investment or share certificate, please contact the team at Seedrs on or visit the Chapel Down page on the Seedrs website.

If your question is about Chapel Down, your shareholder benefits or a current investment, please contact the Chapel Down team on