Raise a glass to a week of celebrations

Raise a glass to a week of celebrations

by Chapel Down 29 October 2021

This week has been particularly exciting for us and has provided many reasons to celebrate! Firstly, we have officially finished harvesting the fruit from this year’s vintage. After a particularly challenging season, our vineyard and winemaking teams have done an incredible job and, whilst the work in the winery has only just begun, we’re excited to share the resulting wines in due course.

Secondly, we were thrilled to receive the support of the government this week with the announcement of the sparkling wine duty relief in the Chancellor’s Budget. Whilst it will not come in to effect until February 2023, we are extremely grateful of the support shown to the industry.

Sip and Savour with our Serve of the Week

Chapel Down Pinot Noir Gin

£35.00 single bottle

An aromatic gin that is unique in its production and taste profile. Made with distilled Pinot Noir grape skins from our Chapel Down harvest, it's infused with the finest botanicals which brilliantly reflect the characteristics of the Pinot Noir grape variety. It works perfectly in an array of cocktails, specifically in combination with our Sparkling Wines. Plus, is equally as delicious in classic serves like a Gin & Tonic.