Learn about Chapel Down Wines, Kit's Coty Vineyard

THE Location

Kit's Coty is a 100 acre vineyard on the North Downs of Kent. Its southerly aspect ensures the vines capture the sunlight all season long, while the warm, free draining chalk soils provide the perfect terroir for producing well balanced, intensely flavoured fruit that truly express their identify and the unique soil qualities.


The Ingredients

Created by our winemakers, our spirits range is made using our grape skins, distilled to perfection with the finest botanicals to create award-winning vodkas and gins inspired by the grape varietals that take centre stage across our leading wine range.


For budding mixologists everywhere, we've created a selection of classic cocktail packs, all with our Chapel Down signature wines and spirits.

Chapel Down Bacchus Gin and Sparkling Brut NV English Wine