Unveiling our new brand campaign: ‘Celebrate the English Way’

Unveiling our new brand campaign: ‘Celebrate the English Way’

by Chapel Down 15 June 2022

Today we announce the launch of our new brand campaign, ‘Celebrate the English Way’. The campaign features a series of stunning new photography taken in the vineyards at our brand home in Tenterden, Kent. Photographer Colin Ross captured the natural beauty of the ‘Garden of England’ in the natural light of the British summer, in refreshing contrast to the often more stylised imagery of sparkling wine.

We invite you to celebrate the English way – the land, the mindset, and its people - as well as discover the fresh taste of our world-class sparkling wines.

Our new brand campaign imagery will be used across social media, digital advertising, trade displays as well as being featured at our brand home. The imagery will evolve through the year from summer through to harvest and then Christmas.

The mood for celebration in England is high coming out of a joyous Platinum Jubilee weekend and the prospect of the British summer sporting season to come, starting with Royal Ascot this week where spectators are celebrating with our Chapel Down sparkling each day.

Our Chapel Down Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Harvey, said: “We are delighted with the stunning creative campaign developed by Hue & Cry.  A joyous call to action for more and more people to discover the fresh choice and taste of England’s finest sparkling wine.”

Gary Moore, Co-Founder of Hue & Cry, said: “From the campaign line through to the creative execution, our ambition was about elevating and celebrating what makes Chapel Down stand apart.  For us, this was not about conforming to category codes but about expressing the brands true authentic character and in doing so encourage sparkling wine lovers to look beyond the obvious.”